Andrea Heuston

Artitudes Design
Managing Diverse Generations

Hive Abstract
If your company is like most, your workplace includes at least three generations of employees: Boomers, Gen X, and Millenials. Each generation has different needs in the workplace, and managing such a diverse group of people can be a challenge. True leadership requires a manager to be agile enough to support these employees, and create programs to that keep them engaged. In this presentation, Andrea Heuston shares insights from her 20 years at Artitudes Design. This award-winning design agency currently has employees whose ages span nearly 40 years, and Andrea has developed key strategies for creating a happy and productive workforce, no matter their age. From flexible benefit plans, to charitable giving programs, and a diverse employee communication strategy, this talk gives the basics on keeping valuable employees happy, and making the most of a diverse workforce. Artitudes Design has won multiple awards for being a top place to work in the region, thanks, in-part, to strategies like these.