Andrew Maneri

Unity Technologies
Emotional Biomes - Storytelling Driven Design

Andrew Maneri has dedicated his life to programming, designing, and creating. He has worked and produced in nearly every vertical of gaming AND VR. His background in virtual reality, game development, graphics programming, technical art, automation, and animation is his eclectic passion.
Andrew works with Unity labs, a team of cross-disciplinary artists and engineers exploring new interfaces for human-computer interaction. His unique background in graphics programming, technical art, game development, automation and animation has led to unorthodox and mind-bending experiments in the digital space.

Hive Abstract
Modern digital content is constantly expanding in its requirements of complexity and scope. Designing to these parameters takes technical expertise and heavy manpower. Existing solutions like procedural content fail as patterns emerge and humanity is lost.
I present a technique developed over the course of years to address this problem - Emotional Biomes. Equal parts mindset, technology, preparation, and design, Emotional Biomes allow users to describe content as a story in plain language (“Happy”, “Sad”, “Claustrophobic”, and so on). This language then drives a procedural content system in a way that produces results that are unique, human, and with the ‘personality’ DNA of the designer.
Examples will be demonstrated in real-time in the context of gaming, animation, and storytelling.