Antionette Carroll

Creative Reaction Lab
Design for Civil Engagement & Social Justice

Antionette D. Carroll is the Founder and CEO of Creative Reaction Lab, a social enterprise that educates, trains, and challenges cities to co-create solutions with Black and Latinx populations to design healthy and racially equitable communities. Throughout her career, Antionette has worked for non-profits working for social justice, human rights, and diversity and inclusion. These experiences led to her background as a social entrepreneur, non-profit leader, and design activist. Antionette's personal mission in life is to CHALLENGE standards, make CHANGE, and CHAMPION approaches resulting in foundational and community impact. Also, Antionette is an active community volunteer. Antionette was named the Founding Chair of the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force of AIGA: The Professional Association of Design in 2014. Currently, she’s the Chair Emerita of the Task Force working on long-term strategic initiatives such as the Design Census Program with Google and national Inclusivity in Design Summit. With her encouragement, AIGA created the first Racial Justice by Design program, with Antionette co-organizing and assuming the role of online producer for the national Town Hall in 2016. At the local level, she is currently serving as the President of AIGA St. Louis and co-founder of the Design + Diversity Conference. Antionette also sits on several awards and programming committees for local and national non-profits, including the steering committee for The City of St. Louis’ Resiliency Office, supported by Rockefeller Foundation, and formerly the founding anti-bias/anti-racism committee for City Garden Montessori School.

Hive Abstract
What is the role of design and civic engagement in building inclusive communities? And, how can we build upon the lessons of human-centered design to amplify everyone’s expertise in co-creation? Merging creative problem solving with the practices of social innovation and equity, creatives, business leaders, government officials, activists, and people from all walks of life can develop innovative and impactful approaches challenging systemic issues – especially through interdisciplinary collaboration. Learn how the retail manager and architect to the government official and entrepreneur can capitalize on design to unify communities, overcome sector barriers, and challenge human rights and social justice issues - one problem and collaboration at a time.