Jeremy Borden

Positive Cultural Impact

Jeremy Borden was obsessed with computers from his first encounters with MacPaint and Hypercard. After studying Physics and Mathematics at the University of Washington worked as a software engineer, co-founding Substantial in 2006, acting as CTO, COO, and President before assuming the role of CEO. Jeremy prides the collaborative, fun, and intellectually involved workplace he has helped create. In his spare time, he is a DJ, meditator and proud dog owner.

Hive Abstract
Don't be evil. Think differently. Just do it. All of these phrases are closely associated with companies, and it's easy to see how those organizations can live by those words. It's equally easy to dismiss them as just words, great poster fodder unrelated to the day to day. How do you come up with a guiding direction for your own organization that's actually authentic?
Jeremy Borden, CEO of Substantial, will share how he's managed to create a vision for the company, and the road that took the company there. It certainly hasn't been a straight line, but Substantial is now dedicated to doing its best work, work that creates positive cultural impact. His talk will give you insight that you can use in your own career and business to align your work, your values, and your ambition.