Martin Heskier

Heskiers Design Studio
Ergo-Homeostatic Design

Martin Heskier is the CEO of Heskiers and the inventor and designer of the Heskiers OneTool and Heskiers Method. He has been a professional designer since 1985 and founded his company in Copenhagen, Denmark, working with design, focusing on the emotional impact of textiles. He has designed personal accessories for Royal Copenhagen, as well as lamps and furniture, and was named one of the top 25 textile designers worldwide. His artistic ore has resulted in two national grants from Denmark, solo exhibitions in national museums, and sculptures in homes and public spaces. Martin is a renowned body-therapist who has created three significantly efficient health methods, and has been a practicing body worker and teacher since 1998. He is master taught in Tui Na Massage, organ massage, CST, Sotai massage and is a licensed acupuncturist, having received his degree from the Skolen for Akupunktur og Kinesisk Medicin in Copenhagen.

Hive Abstract
Do you believe in destiny? Synchronicity? Martin does. He grew up in Copenhagen, Denmark, as a third-generation designer. At age 7, he already knew he wanted to become a world-renowned designer, following in the footsteps of his beloved grandfather and his parents. Having been immersed and surrounded by design since he was a toddler, Martin began designing furniture with his parents and discussing ergonomics with his father in his teenage years. This inspired him to establish his own design business in his early 20s. Drawing from his background as a bodworker and acupuncturist, along with his proficiency in ergonomics, Martin developed the OneTool and the Heskiers Method. The OneTool's unique design and function cannot be found anywhere else. His vision is inspired by how form enhances function and how shape can impact well-being and homeostasis. This talk is about Martin's journey in becoming a conscious, tactile, emotional and reflective designer and the story of the Heskiers OneTool and its unique, ergo-homeostatic design.