Design Conference

IBM Design Thinking Workshop Amber Atkins, Cat Fincun + Blake Helman

Antionette Carroll  | J. Dontrese Brown  |  Martin Heskiers

Liz Heidner + Mark Kornblum  |  Jeremy Borden

Amy Redmond  +  Jenny Wilkson from SVC

Sadie Red Wing  |  Tim Bardlavens  |  Umit Gokce

Andrea Heuston  |  Keith Kendrick

Tim Hykes  |  Andrew Maneri


As we move forward into 2017, we are seeing the landscape of design evolve into a more human-centered, experience-based profession. Design has shifted from its traditional practices of ink and paper and progressed into creating world-wide transformative connections.

Continuing the theme of future forward thinking, HIVE 2017 will focus directly on improving technological and social advances using design. Seminar topics will range from virtual reality and artificial intelligence to social justice and communication design. Speakers will include local and national experts whose established best practices and innovative skill sets are influencing the evolution of design to shape positive change. Tackling a wide range of design and communication challenges, these top professionals, creatives and thinkers are creating a future full of possibilities.