Tim Hykes

The 28 Days of Black Designers Project and the social movement to increase diversity in the design industry

Timothy J. Hykes received his Associate of Applied Science with an emphasis in Graphic Communications from Saint Louis Community College. He continued his education at the University of Missouri – St. Louis where he received his Bachelors of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Studio Art. Hykes volunteers his time with AIGA St. Louis. There he's the Vice President and assumes the office of the President in January 2018. Tim is also a member of AIGA's National Diversity and Inclusion Taskforce. In 2016 he co-founded the Design + Diversity conference in St. Louis, Missouri. This conference focuses on the diversity issues in the design community. This year Hykes expanded the Design + Diversity brand into a podcast that talks about the tough issues surrounding diversity in the design industry. Tim currently works in-house for LaunchCode, a mission-driven tech nonprofit that provides free education and training to developers interested in tech careers. There he's the User Experience Designer and lead on all digital applications and embedded systems.

@timothyhykes co-founder of the Design + Diversity conference @plusdiversity and the Design + Diversity podcast @desigdivpodcast developer and curator of the 28 Days of Black Designers Project UX Designer at @Launch_Code Vice President @AIGASTL.

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To date, there's been over 7,000 sessions, over 5,500 users, 22,100 page views, with large referrals from Facebook, Twitter, Invision App, How Design, Medium, the Dieline, and Linkedin. Because of this project my Twitter impressions have increased 6,675.2%, profile views have increased 1,891.6%; I was around 500 followers now I have 856. I have tremendous social support from AIGA and Behance. AIGA has retweeted each and every post every day to support the black designer in Black History Month and without asking Behance pinned the post to the top of their Twitter feed. AIGA and Behance leadership on social media in this project is beyond words. I thank them from the bottom of my heart, and I am so humbled by their support. The original announcement has 23 replies, 220 retweets, and 374 likes. The pinned support post on Behance's page has 2 replies, 79 retweets, and 146 likes. I said all of this to say we are begging for diversity but there's no support to give the audience what they want. How can you take measures to supply the over wanting demand? I will discuss solutions based on what I've found from this creative project.