Umit Gokce

Empathico LLC
Empathy Across the Aisle: How to Systematically Design for People You May Disagree With

Umit Gokce is a tech entrepreneur, UX/product designer and innovation educator living and working in the Seattle area. He has founded and run five businesses focused on Internet media, eLearning and youth development in the US, Europe and Asia. He created the Empathy-Driven Framework for Innovation and Problem Solving featured in university and high school curricula as well as workshops for students and professionals. Umit is a university lecturer on entrepreneurship, innovation and user-centered design. He also mentors undergraduate and graduate students and serves on the advisory board of the University of Washington.

Hive Abstract
Designers have never before worked in a nation that's so divided, so polarized. How do we serve audiences that we may disagree with or can’t relate to? In this lively and timely discussion, we'll cover real-world techniques and tools for developing understanding and empathy with both like- and non-like-minded people on an everyday basis—whether you work on a large team or as a freelancer.
This talk with utilize proprietary processes, handy templates, and a relevant example that will let you hit the ground running on challenging design projects. You'll learn how to systematically and sustainably develop empathy—not just talk or think about it. You’ll quickly identify and quantify people’s pain points, gain actionable insight, and integrate the process into your workflow. Your team will enjoy getting to know and tracking the preferences of actual users. Your stakeholders will appreciate how this measurable insight integrates with customer-focused business objectives.
Your speaker, Umit Gokce, is an experienced product designer and entrepreneur who has consulted on over 125 design projects for clients like Microsoft, Xbox, F5 Networks, AT&T Wireless, NTT DoCoMo, Motorola, Nike, and Johnson & Johnson. He's a noted subject matter expert in user-centered and data-driven design. Umit is a frequent guest lecturer at the University of Washington's Foster School of Business. He's the creator of the Empathy-Driven Framework for Innovation and Problem Solving—also the title and topic of his forthcoming book.